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We enhance online presence of IT leaders and startup founders, focusing on collaboration over service delivery. We prioritize mutual value between experts or founders and media.

We believe in c

ntent and

people, not advertising.

Public Relations
Content Creation
Search Engine Presence


in the spotlight

People-Media Synergy

For Experts & Founders

We help experts craft quality content and stories for media,
aligned with editorial norms and public appeal.

For Media & Journalists

We aim to provide engaging stories or expert-led content, reducing media’s writing & editing efforts.

Contributed stories to:

We collaborate with founders, experts and media:

Guest Posting

We help experts craft quality content, aligned with editorial norms and public appeal. For media, we offer expert-led content, reducing writing efforts.


We help create stories and dialogues with you on topics crucial for media readers, ensuring alignment with editorial policy and significance to the audience.

Public Speaking

We connect you with speaking opportunities at events and universities, helping you share your expertise with others.

Social Media Presence

We maintain a consistent, expert presence across your social media channels, focusing on strategies that showcase your voice and connect with your audience.

Your merits for the company will stay with the company. Anything done under your name stays with you. Own your achievements.

Lana Glygalo

Founder & CEO

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